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Have you ever desire of a hundred terabyte of information for every three.five-inch disk? New patented innovation nanotechnology from Michael E. Thomas, president of Colossal Storage Company, can make it authentic.

Michael invented and patented the globe's first and only concept for non-Call UV photon induced electric subject poling of ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals, which provides the opportunity of managing and manipulating light-weight in a UV/Deep Blue frequency of 1 nm to 400 nm.

It took him 14 years to locate a useful conceptualization that may function to progress the storage field; 3D Quantity Holographic Optical Storage Nanotechnology, for which Michael retains the patents. He was invited to existing this fascinating discovery into the National Science Basis in February 2004.

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This creation and patents on a method for changing make a difference within the molecular stage is probably the World's only new enabling systems, acquiring quite a few hundreds of electro-optic programs.

Atomic Holographic Nanotechnology will permit for The 1st time a useful strategy for programmable molecular lenses that allows incoming mild to become turned down, modified internally, or allowed to pass unaltered via a clear lens called disk, tape, card, drum, film, and many others.

Atomic Switch

By having the ability commission gorilla to software optical lenses, a lot of apps according to light-weight and color may be created, like holographic storage, bio-terror detection equipment, optical electronics, stability products and solutions, and numerous other products and solutions by no means observed prior to on the planet's markets.

The tiny measurement of ferroelectric transparent buildings can make it probable to fabricate nano-optical devices, such as volume holographic storage, getting the two optimistic and destructive index of refraction that enables molecular particles of an atomic size to be modified, managed, and changed to conduct a selected perform, preferred task, utilized for low price exact chemical / biological issue Bonus creation software detection, and reprogrammed to simply accept new non-unstable information and molecular capabilities.

The predicted expense of the Atomic Holographic DVR disc travel will likely be from $570 to $750 While using the substitution discs for $45.

A person ten terabyte to 100 terabyte 3.five in FEdisk will be Equivalent to a ten,000 to 100,000 Gigabyte disk travel. That's bigger one,000 instances any State of the Art hard disk engineering with 100 Gigabytes on one disk. 2 EXABYTES of latest knowledge is produced each year planet vast, and growing.

Michael is actually a thirty-year pioneer in the event of peripheral storage systems in addition to a holder of various patents.

“In 1974 I was creating 5 Megabyte disk packs - the most significant At the moment on the globe. Concurrently, IBM, Burroughs, Honeywell, together with other Laptop pros stated no person would ever will need that Considerably storage,” states Michael. “In 1989 Invoice Gates (the Chairman of Microsoft) claimed that the notebook computer would by no means need to have over 256 Kbytes of cache memory and 40 megabytes of hard drive storage. Present-day Computer system has on regular 1-two megabytes of cache and 20 to sixty gigabyte challenging drives. The need For brand spanking new storage technology is obvious to only to Individuals obtaining backgrounds in information storage.”

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Colossal Storage Theory of Procedure of Patented Technological know-how

“I gave up two instances mainly because I used to be unable to do the job thru an idea of non-volatile, non-damaging readout,” claims Michael. “I at last experienced a crack thru when reviewing Einstein/Plank and Niels Bohr Atomic Theories.”

He found that by utilizing an Extremely Violet Photon and An electrical Discipline it was probable, theoretically, to use the electrons (generate recent) to generate the binary state molecule transition commission gorilla jv forwards and backwards involving the two states. The "Atomic Change" was born.

The notion of an atomic or molecular switch by "Photon/Laser Induced Electrical Discipline Poling" existed. By making use of UV photons of lesser quantum Electricity it was feasible to use diffraction and interference from your binary states from the molecule.

The changing state with the molecule as well as the diffracted photons enabling for a group of sunshine and darkish traces to get characterised as details. 3D Quantity implies studying and producing billions of bits at one particular time in Quantity (x,y,z).

There are still plenty of investigation and improvement unknowns for this new and intriguing atomic holographic optical storage, but Michael thinks that he has established a groundbreaking principle to help keep speed with specifications of mass information storage, for the next millennium.

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